Maintaining a White Smile

When you have bright, white teeth you can't help but smile! Everyone appreciates a great grin, and one key component of an attractive smile is white teeth.

We all start out with pearly whites, but over the years age, improper oral hygiene, lifestyle, and beverage choices can lead to staining or yellowing. Restoring the whiteness of your teeth, however, is possible with a few changes to your routine and the help of the Palm Leaf Dental cosmetic dentistry office in Ponte Vedra, FL. Here are some ways to bring the brightness back to your smile:


For minor staining, a toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide can help brighten your teeth by a few shades with continuous use. Whitening toothpaste have different percentages of hydrogen peroxide, so ask your dentist at our Ponte Vedra, FL cosmetic dentistry office for assistance in choosing the right formula for you.

Lifestyle habits

Beverages such as red wine, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth over time, so it is important to rinse your mouth with water after consumption. Reducing your intake of these drinks can help prevent further staining.

Smoking is another factor in tooth discoloration. Tobacco has a yellowing effect on your teeth which can be hard to reverse. For your dental and overall health, quitting smoking or chewing tobacco is recommended.

At-home whitening

You can purchase over the counter whitening kits at your drugstore, which come in the form of strips, gels or trays. These kits offer a higher level of whitening than toothpaste and may be effective in brightening your teeth if your stains or yellowing are minor.

In-office whitening.

The cosmetic dentistry team at our Ponte Vedra, FL office can offer you effective, long-lasting whitening with the use of high percentage hydrogen peroxide formulas and special lights. This form of cosmetic dentistry provides the most dramatic and long-lasting whitening results.

If you are looking to brighten your smile, consult the cosmetic dentistry team at Palm Leaf Dental in Ponte Vedra, FL today. Call 904-810-5702 today!

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